I’m in my early twenties, just out of college. I graduated, packed my bags, and moved straight to New York City. Now I have a very competitive job as a Forex Trader downtown in the Financial District. I live in Manhattan. I play in Manhattan. I make most of my mistakes right here in Manhattan.

My trek through the jungle to arrive at this peculiar point in my life was somewhat odd. I created multiple internet businesses. Both failed. I had some mild success as a competitive online poker player for a few years. There were a few triumphs, followed by a few disasters. The cycle repeated.

This city life is brand new. I moved here less than a year ago when I landed my job. Sometimes I have a blast. Sometimes I spend the day with a lump in my throat and intense pains in my chest. Some days I suffocate. Some days I breathe. Some days I smile.

Every day is an adventure. Every day is something new. I’ve decided to keep a blog because the ideas, thoughts, and learning experiences are so numerous – and I can’t keep them to myself.

I’m not sure which direction to take this blog yet. I will mostly avoid stuff about my specific job. I’d rather reflect on some of my entrepreneurial pitfalls, lifestyle choices, and business experiences – the ones that mattered.

I’ve named this blog, “The Meshaya Diaries” for a reason. That is, some of this stuff is personal. Sometimes we’ll focus on my crappiest moments. But the fact is that everybody spends time on the crapper, and nothing helps pass the time like bathroom reading.


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